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With the fashion of bashing Pakistan's Armed Forces on the rise there was a need for someone to present the military's side to the story, especially regarding certain misplaced notions that over the time had become universal truths.

I firmly believe that no one should be above criticism, however I do consider that vilifying one of the largest, most prestigious and professional institutions of the country at every onset of news that concerns the military, is an over-kill.

Nevertheless, the military runs on a sizable portion of your hard earned money, thus you guys have all the right to ask questions and point fingers towards the Army that has ruled this country for more than half of its lifetime.

And hence, this blog is an humble effort by a Siachen veteran who has also seen action in the Tribal Areas and LoC on how he sees the Army he serves, and in the process also clarify misconceptions that surround this powerful institution of Pakistan.

P.S. Please feel free to share whatever you like to from this blog. However, I would suggest that instead of merely copying/pasting the stuff, just throw me a mail and I would be glad to share the html code of the concerning post / watermark-free image, so that you don't have to work when I had done it already :)

Alternatively, the following license is to be used.

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